Thursday, August 16, 2012

Korea Badminton Association open heavy fines Korean media assessment: the worst sporting spirit

If the punishment of the Korean Badminton Association became the final decision.Cheng Hon Kwok Jin Wenxiu will not be able to engage in coaching. The four players, in fact, it will be difficult to continue their athletic career.

For such heavy penalties, "Korea Times" reporter into Hon Kwok over the phone.Phone as Hon Kwok unwilling to say much, except to say "I have nothing to say."

Korean Badminton Association of rewards and punishments Committee, said: "They violated the Olympic spirit, to make this impact a bad thing. Error is plain, must be corrected, so we had to carefully carry out the decision put an end to appear for the badminton team this kind of thing, had to draw his sword, this error is very clear, even if the complaint up the possibility of the Council to change the punishment is almost not. "

The final evaluation of the Korea Times, South Korean badminton team in the Olympic Games, the negative game events: badminton team intentionally losing to the Olympic Games has left a huge stain.

"Korea Daily" reported that the decision on punishment also cited the evaluation of the foreign, "the worst spirit of sport".

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