Thursday, August 16, 2012

Secret the Hengda AFC list behind the scenes Barrios refused national team recruited

Reporter Bai Guohua reported Lippi turned over to the AFC list, has always insisted on not announced the list, but people learned of this list or by other means. Lippi did not want to because this list, the emotions of the players, but the paper whether the package can not hold fire, the information is so advanced now, the the Hengda AFC list no secret.

Hengda list of most concern is naturally the quota of three non-Asian foreign aid, Muric and the inclusion of the hole card is naturally no accidents, only accidents Lippi chose the Barrios gave up Cleo ; Asian foreign aid, Lippi Cho Won-Hee, instead of gold the British.

September 20 and Al Ittihad AFC before the game, the Hengda there are three league games, very much hope that further Hengda in the AFC Champions, the three games it is easy to be understood as sub- crown before the final exercise. How to win more league victory in the while drill AFC squad, has become a swing in Lippi front of the most pressing problem. Weekend Hengda opponent once in the last year the end of their unbeaten record Changchun Yatai.

Defender position so that his headache

Weekend against Changchun Yatai Hengda even off the last game, the first away 1 to 2 lost to Guizhou and the second 3 to 2 victory over Hangzhou Greentown from the expectations speaking, the Hengda performance is not satisfactory. League results for this field to be every effort to secure victory in the game, but from the point of view, then prepared for the AFC, the lineup perhaps there will be some adjustment.

Lippi is the emphasis on AFC seems not a secret, before the poor performance, Lippi said: "We do not care how much super to beat many teams, but rather that we can achieve the desired progress, in order to prepare for AFC game. "

"In the long run the importance of AFC Super, but that does not mean we will give up the super, no matter which game, we all want victory." Said the Evergrande Club, a senior.

Lippi's team certainly hope that the 3 to 2 victory over Hangzhou Greentown for the start, the team returned to the track of victory, no coaches do not want to win, but one of the difficulties of his eyes, the defender problem is how to do. The last round of the injured Tak ultra-confirmed the need to rest for 6-8 weeks, Lippi to Zheng Zhongwei position up to make up, but the effect is poor, and now Hengda defender available, meager, only FengXiaoTing, ZhangLinPeng because strain but absent from the national team, he can not rapidly appeared in Changchun Jiujia it?

, Which have an interesting topic, and Changchun game, Lippi will ensure Long defender vacancies to make up for it? If so, then Lippi extraordinary desire for the win; If you still continue to Paul Long on the reserve list and even removed the big list, so I'm afraid Lippi still considered as one month after the AFC, not in the AFC list because a month later, Paul Longken set can not match against Ittihad Jiujia, Tak super also still unable to rejoin, Lippi may have to give Zheng's more opportunity to adapt to the halfback position. " After all, only the thickness of the Feng Xiaoting, Zhang Lin, Evergrande halfback position is not enough. Although the the Hengda array Li Jianbin , Tu Tung Yuk two young defender, but Lippi have the courage to put them onto the Super Stadium exercise?

Now the lineup is too early to guess a few days later, but Lippi has come to Xi'an to watch the national team, but the recent training and team needs, Zheng moved to the halfback position, the possibility of After all, before the hole card, of Muric with Barrios this offensive combination needs more running time, while Super implementation of the "3 +1" foreign aid play policy.

Barrios refused national team recruited

Lippi has been released to the outside world the AFC list, of course, his consideration, and that is losing the feelings of players.

The most intense battle of the list is the Barrios and Cleo, and finally Barrios win. Cleo missed the AFC is not a small blow for him. Cleo joined last year when was the first star of the team, subsequently joining with the hole card, their injuries, the importance of gradual decline, reduce the efficiency of his goal, turned over the list before Cleo the state showed a certain trend of recovery, but in the end Lippi or abandon him.

"Voted for him, certainly is a kind of blow, but Cleo is the kind of high professionalism players, I believe he will soon be adjusted." Hengda of a team.Recent training, Cleo still very committed, he is still to prove their own "professional" through their own actions.

Lippi should Barrios brought the AFC, Barrios should to be BAK Leo more chance to play in the next three league games. For Barrios, to Changchun, the game is good news, Changchun much cooler than Guangzhou. Barrios was selected in order to better adapt to the weather in Guangzhou and training, Paraguay's national team list and did not go to the national team to report, for him, the most important thing is to integrate into the team's game in the AFC in the color. "Barrios is definitely a strong team, he is now playing time is running out, but his ability to grasp the opportunity, it is not said." Hengda of a team.

The campaign AFC South Korean Cho Hee is the second phase of the game, for him, is a lucky, but also his ability and professionalism of a sure. Lee Jang-soo leave Hengda after the introduction of the players as Lee Jang-soo, Cho Won-Hee worried that their position was not guaranteed, May 30, and Tokyo FC game because of rib injury absence arena for nearly 60 days. But after he returned from injury, Lippi on his considerable degree of trust, PK, and gold the British, this Hengda "elderly" laugh last.

"We are delighted to continue to participate in the AFC game, the coach trust me I will be using their own efforts to repay that trust." Cho Won-hee said.

Korea Badminton Association open heavy fines Korean media assessment: the worst sporting spirit

If the punishment of the Korean Badminton Association became the final decision.Cheng Hon Kwok Jin Wenxiu will not be able to engage in coaching. The four players, in fact, it will be difficult to continue their athletic career.

For such heavy penalties, "Korea Times" reporter into Hon Kwok over the phone.Phone as Hon Kwok unwilling to say much, except to say "I have nothing to say."

Korean Badminton Association of rewards and punishments Committee, said: "They violated the Olympic spirit, to make this impact a bad thing. Error is plain, must be corrected, so we had to carefully carry out the decision put an end to appear for the badminton team this kind of thing, had to draw his sword, this error is very clear, even if the complaint up the possibility of the Council to change the punishment is almost not. "

The final evaluation of the Korea Times, South Korean badminton team in the Olympic Games, the negative game events: badminton team intentionally losing to the Olympic Games has left a huge stain.

"Korea Daily" reported that the decision on punishment also cited the evaluation of the foreign, "the worst spirit of sport".